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Application of centrifugal casting bimetal composite pipe
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Centrifugal Casting bimetal Composite pipe is a centrifugal speed casting, inner and outer layers of low melting point adiabatic flux detergent, inert gas protection and other processes such as the combination of two kinds of metal, forming finished sets, rolls or composite tube billet, less defects, high bonding strength, easy to connect and repair, high quality, and low cost.

The main application areas are:

1, Corrosion-resistant pipeline pipe

The corrosive environment of high H2S/CO2 oil and gas field is bad, the corrosion of the ground pipeline is serious, the use of x52ns/2205 or x60/825 bimetal Composite Pipe provides an effective way to solve the corrosion problem of the ground pipeline, both technically and economically.

2, Wear-resistant conveyor pipe Cement pipe and drilling pump cylinder liner in the requirements of high wear-resistant, must have a good strength and toughness, but also can be meditation pipe between the group welding, the entire pipeline to play a supporting role.

The double metal metallurgy compound pipe with wear-resisting in external pressure can not only exert the performance potential of two kinds of materials, improve the comprehensive performance, but also reduce the production cost and increase economic benefit.

3. Boiler pipe 304l/for extruding cold rolling of centrifugal billet with metallurgical fusion in xinxing Casting Pipe Co., ltd

Cr.a-1 Composite pipe has been successfully used in boilers manufactured by Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd., replacing the external corrosion resistance of the thermal expansion interference with the mechanical composite pipe, and for the metallurgical bimetal Composite steel pipe Double interface flaw detection of the corresponding ultrasonic testing procedures.

4. Composite Rolls The Bimetal composite rolls produced by centrifugal compound casting method have the characteristics of dense structure of outer working layer, less casting defects, good mechanical properties and high hardness of surface wear layer, long service life and high production efficiency.

Beijing Metallurgical Equipment Research Institute Design General Hospital The φ275mmx400mm high chromium cast iron/grey iron compound roll was prepared by centrifugal compounding method on φ900mmx1800mm vertical centrifuge.

5. Other Through centrifugal casting and extrusion production of bimetal composite pipe with metallurgical fusion layer, the application space of oil, chemical and boiler industry with corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and pressure resistance of pipeline is obtained.