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ASME SA 213/sa 213M T22 High Pressure boiler tube features
- Jun 12, 2018 -

 The ASME SA 213/sa 213M T22 (T22) is the grade in the ASME SA 213/sa 213M Standard, for 2.25cr-1mo boilers and superheater chromium-molybdenum high-temperature ferritic steels. Our country transplanted it to GB5310 in 1985, named as 12cr2mog. Other countries also have similar grades, such as 10crmo910 of the Federal Republic of Germany and STBA24 in Japan. In Cr-1mo Steel series, its thermal performance is relatively high, at the same temperature (temperature ≤580℃) Its creep fracture strength and allowable stress is even higher than 9cr-1mo steel, and it has good processing performance and welding performance, durable plastic good. Therefore, it has been widely used in the harsh working environment, such as heating pipes and high-pressure vessels in thermal power, nuclear and some hydrogen equipment.

T22 is mainly used in 300, 600MW and other large capacity power station boiler tube wall temperature ≤580℃ superheater and pipe wall temperature ≤540℃ wall of the steam pipe and joint box, this type of steel in the United States, Japan and Europe has been widely used in power plants have a long history, is a stable performance, good technical performance of the mature steel.