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Basic introduction of stainless steel pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Any of the two ends open and has a hollow cross-section, and its length and cross-section circumference of the larger steel, can be called steel pipe. When the length and section circumference of the comparison hour, can be called a pipe segment or tubular fittings, they all belong to the category of pipe products.

Since stainless steel has more abrasion resistance and indentation resistance than other metals of the same thickness, it is the preferred material for designers when building sidewalks in places where population flows are large. It has been more than 70 years since stainless steel was used as a structural material for building new buildings and for repairing historical monuments.

Stainless steel pipe is an economic cross-section of steel, is an important product in the steel industry, can be widely used in life decoration and industry, many people on the market for the production of stair handrails, window, railings, furniture and so on. 201 and 3,042 kinds of materials are common.

Because the steel pipe has the hollow section, it is most suitable for the liquid, the gas and the solid transportation pipeline; At the same time, compared with the same weight round bar, the steel pipe has large sectional coefficient and flexural torsional strength, so it also becomes an important material in all kinds of mechanical and structural structures. Structures and components, controlled by stainless steel, have a larger cross-section modulus than solid parts in the case of equal weight. Therefore, the stainless steel tube itself is a kind of economical metal section steel, it is an important component of high efficient steel, especially in the oil drilling, smelting and transportation industry demand, followed by geological drilling, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery industry, aircraft and automotive manufacturing, as well as boilers, medical equipment, Furniture and bicycle manufacturing also require a large variety of steel tubes. With the development of new technologies such as atomic energy, rocket, missile and aerospace industry, stainless steel pipe is becoming more and more important in the defense industry, science and technology and economic construction.