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Comparison of burning loss for heated seamless steel tube in annular furnace and step furnace
- Dec 29, 2017 -

The burning loss of the heating seamless pipe in annular furnace and step furnace is different.

In terms of heating time, the step beam furnace heating time is shorter than the annular furnace, so it is advantageous to reduce the round billet burning loss, but because the furnace in each step of the round billet, need to flip a certain angle, in order to facilitate its rapid uniform heating, so that the surface of the oxide sheet peeling, resulting in further burning loss. In the annular furnace, the time of the circular tube billet is longer than in the step furnace, and the tube billet is static in the furnace floor, the formation of iron oxide skin is not easy to flake, oxidation of the deepening of a bit slower.

From the furnace structure, the annular furnace in the whole longer ring-shaped circle only  open two doors, inside and outside seal completely isolate from the air, can be considered to be less oxidation heating, this point, it is more favorable than the heating conditions of the stepping beam furnace.

Both of the two types of furnace can use their own advantage to overcome the harmful factors of burning loss. Famous industrial furnaces manufacturers promise burning loss by the annular furnace for heating round billet is 0.8%~1.0%, by step furnace is 0.6%~0.7%.the production practice shows that the burning loss of the annular furnace is 1.0%~1.5%, and the burning loss of the Step furnace is about 1%.