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Control of annular Furnace
- Jan 09, 2018 -

The control of annular furnace includes electric automatic control and automatic control of thermal instrument.

Electric automatic control refers to the control of the furnace bottom rotation, the control of the action of the loading machine, the control of the boiler door, the control of water seal tank sealing water, the water cooling control of the partition wall, the control of the furnace frame and the iron brick water-cooled, and the control of the emergency water. Above the control, the stove equipment level is high, the request adopts the PLC to be programmed to carry on the movement the chain control. For example, when the machine is still in the furnace, the bottom should be chain-stop, the door should be chained open, and if the partition wall water supply, should be a chain emergency water tank immediately.

Automatic control of thermal instrument refers to the temperature control of annular furnace, the air and gas flow is Shan. Modern large-scale annular furnace adopts double cross limit control, its automatic control is realized by PLC programmable sequence and three instrument.

With the progress of technology, some ring furnace through computer programming, to different specifications and materials of the Tube billet, draw up different heating curve, strictly according to different heating curve heating, realize the different specifications of the Tube billet heating computer level two control.