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Corrosion performance of welded steel pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

The high corrosion resistance in the acidic environment of the T-tube welded steel pipe in the environment with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, the higher the content of NI is, the stronger the corrosion resistance is. In general, it is possible to prevent erosion by simply adding CR to the T-tube. The poor condition of the steel strip edge is another important cause of the wrong side. The effect of mass flow rate, heat flux density and structural parameters (ratio of helical curvature diameter and diameter of dc/d) on the heat transfer coefficient of saturated bubbly boiling in a vertical helical tube.

In the production of the T-pole welded steel pipe, the wrong side often occurs, and its influence factors are many. In production practice, it is often caused by the wrong side of the error and the steel pipe is degraded. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the spiral steel pipe's wrong side and its preventive measures. Because the shape and dimension of the leading end of the steel edge is poor, it is easy to cause the hard bending of the steel belt to cause the wrong side. Simulation parameters Range: Vertical tube: Pipe diameter d=lomm, tube length l=660mm; three kinds of vertical T-type welded steel pipe: diameter d=10mm, the diameter of steel pipe and the ratio of spiral pipe diameter are dc/d=15, 20, 25, spiral pitch pt=20mm, Chang respectively. 503mm, l=660mm, l=817mm. Mass flow g=200~400kg/(m'2·s), heat flux density q=5~15kw/m'2, saturated pressure p, saturated $number. 414880MPa, saturation temperature T, saturation =283.15K.