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Determination of heating speed of tube billet
- May 16, 2018 -

The heating speed of the tube billet usually refers to the heating speed of the surface of the tube billet. Heating speed, heating furnace production capacity, metal oxidation, low unit fuel consumption. they are reletive.

But the increase of heating speed is not only limited by the heat transfer conditions in the furnace, but also by the metal itself. Tube Billet in the initial heating, namely low-temperature heating stage, the metal thermal conductivity is poor, internal and external temperature difference, if the heating speed is too fast, metal will be due to the internal and external layer of thermal expansion of different thermal stress, resulting in heating cracks. 

Especially when the diameter of the tube billet is larger. In the High-temperature stage (after 700~800℃), because of the increase in metal plasticity, at this time the uneven temperature on the section of the tube to cause thermal stress, can be in accordance with the way the metal plastic deformation relaxation, it can be used faster heating speed to improve the production capacity of the furnace.