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Ultrasonic Vibration Drawing Pipe technology
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The application of ultrasonic technology in cold drawn steel pipe or other metal processing is a new development of high-power ultrasonic applications in the the 1970s. August 1978 Acoustic Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Ultrasonic Instrument Factory collaborate ultrasonic cold drawn steel pipe test.

The principle of ultrasonic vibration extubation is to convert high-frequency electric resonance into mechanical vibration through transducer, and transmit vibration energy to deformation zone, thus changing the property and stress state of metal deformation.

In ultrasonic vibration extubation, transducer is a core equipment. Only when the transducer is designed correctly then it can be converted into effective mechanical vibration efficiently from the High-frequency electro-resonance.

In the 1980s, a variety of materials were drawn and tested on the ultrasonic cold drawn steel pipe unit. The test results show that the ultrasonic cold drawn steel pipe can reduce the pulling force 15%~20%, can increase the elongation coefficient, reduce the extraction of times.reduce the intermediate heat treatment, carry on the multi-channel connection, and improve accuracy of the inner and outer surface of the steel tube. Some Special metals can be drawn by this new methods