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Inspection and cleaning of steel tube billet defects
- Jan 14, 2018 -

Defect Check:

Generally use of visual inspection. If the surface quality requirements are relatively high, and the more oxide scrap on tube billet,it can be used pickling or shot peening treatment of the surface of the tube billet to remove oxide, surface defects exposed, easy to visual inspection.

In addition, It can also be used to inspect the defects of the tube billet by magnetic induction flaw detection. There are many methods of electromagnetic induction flaw detection, such as: dry fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection method, eddy current flaw detection method, electromagnetic flaw detection method.

The low-magnification microstructure inspection of tube billet is generally based on sulfur-printing method and acid leaching method. The sulfur printing test is used to show the sulfur segregation on the specimen. It can show cracks, segregation, low magnification and distribution of inclusions in tube billet. The acid leaching method is to select different corrosive agents, and to etch the defects of the billet and the steel substrate because of the difference of the defects of the Tube billet and the corrosion degree of the steel matrix, so that the defects of the small size can be displayed.

Defect Cleanup:

Flame cleaning, Feng cleaning, manual grinding wheel cleaning and automatic grinding wheel cleaning, turning and abrasive belt cleaning