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Knowledge of heat treatment for steel tube (Part one)
- May 22, 2018 -

The Heat treatment of metal materials is divided into whole heat treatment, surface heat treatment and chemical heat treatment. Heat treatment of steel tube generally adopts whole heat treatment. 

Generally through the heating, insulation, cooling and other basic processes, these processes are likely to produce defects. 

The heat treatment defects of steel tube mainly include the unqualified structure of steel tube, the size exceeding the standard and surface crack, abrasion, severe oxidation, decarbonization, overheating and over burning. Heat treatment process characteristics of steel tube: The first process is heating: One is the critical point Ac1 or AC3 below the heating, the other is the critical point Ac1 or Ac3 above the heating. 

The first is to stabilize the structure of steel and eliminate residual stress of steel pipe, the second is mainly to steel austenite. 

The second procedure is heat preservation: the aim is to get the heating temperature of the uniform steel pipe to obtain a reasonable heating organization. The third process is cooling: cooling process is the key process of heat treatment of steel tube, he decided that the steel tube after cooling metallographic microstructure and mechanical properties. The cooling methods of steel tubes used in the actual production process are various. Often used cooling methods are furnace cooling, air cooling, oil cooling, polymer cold, water-cooled.