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Making process of galvanized steel coil
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Hot Dip Galvanizing process
The hot dip galvanizing process is divided into the flux method and the protective gas reduction method according to the Pretreatment method.

Flux method
It is to pickling the annealed steel plate, remove the oxides on its surface, and then chemically process through the flux trough containing ZNCL2 and NH4CL, then enter the molten zinc bath. The steel strip from the zinc pot is raised vertically and the thickness of the coating is controlled by the air knife.

Protection Gas reduction Method
It is the most popular and widely used technology for continuous hot dip galvanizing in modern steel strip, which is typical of Sengimirfa. The characteristic is that the continuous annealing and galvanizing are connected on a working line, and the pickling and flux treatment in the Flux method are eliminated. Steel strip advanced oxidation furnace to burn off the surface of the remaining emulsion and produce blue oxide film, and then the strip into the reduction furnace recrystallization annealing, while the surface of the film is reduced to hydrogen into a sponge-like iron; Finally, the strip cools to a little higher than the zinc bath temperature to enter the zinc pot galvanized.

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