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On-line noramlizing process of seamless steel pipe
- Dec 08, 2017 -

On-line normalizing is a kind of heat treatment technology developed in recent years, that is also called deformation normalizing. It is the seamless steel pipe just rolling the continuous rolling mill, cools to the recrystallization temperature on the cooling bed and reheating in the furnace to AC3 or ACM temperature, heat preservation for a period of time, so that the metallurgical structure of the steel to austenite, and then out of furnace to the sizing machine or reducing rolling machine, then air cooling or fog cooling.The transformation of austenite into pearlite, thus achieving the performance of steel tube, is a modern control rolling scheme.

On-line normalizing is to insert normalizing process in the middle of rolling process, and to shorten normalizing heating time by using partial rolling waste heat. The micro-alloying on-line ordinary steel replaces the off-line normalizing or the modulated steel, which reduces the cost associated with heat treatment, finishing, energy, decarburization, and scrap loss (oxidation). In a word, online is not only to simplify the process, but also save energy.

Compared with the quenched and tempered treatment,on-line normalizing steel seamless pipe has better cutting performance, which is due to the better machinability of ferrite and pearlite than tempering Sorbite microstructure.