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Processing of stainless steel pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Cold-drawn deep processing: easy to produce friction heat so the use of pressure-resistant, heat-resistant high stainless steel pipe type At the same time after the end of the molding process should be removed from the surface of the oil attached.

Stainless steel pipe welding: Before welding should be thoroughly removed harmful to the welding rust, oil, water, paint, etc., select the suitable steel electrode. Spot welding time distance is shorter than carbon steel spot spacing, remove welding slag should use stainless steel pipe brush. After welding, in order to prevent local corrosion or strength drop, the surface should be grinded or cleaned.

Cut-off and stamping: Because the stainless steel tube is higher than the general material strength, therefore, stamping and shearing need higher pressure, and knife and knife clearance is accurate to do not occur in shear and processing hardening, preferably by plasma or laser cutting, when it is necessary to use gas cutting or arc cut, the heat affected zone for grinding and heat treatment.

Stainless Steel Pipe Bending: Book Board can be folded to 180, but in order to reduce the bending of the crack with the radius of the best twice times the size of the plate thickness, thick plate along the direction of calendering to twice times the thickness of the plate, and the vertical direction of the rolling to 4 times times the thickness of the plate is necessary, especially in the welding, in order to prevent the processing of cracks in the welding area surface grinding.