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Product characteristics of stainless steel pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Usually the stainless steel tube has three kinds of characteristics: weldability, corrosion resistance, polishing performance (BQ).

Weldability: The different requirements for the welding performance of the product use vary. A class of tableware on the welding performance is generally not required, even including some of the pot-like enterprises. But most of the products require good welding performance, such as two kinds of tableware, thermos, steel pipe, water heater, water dispenser and so on.

Corrosion Resistance: Most of the stainless steel products require corrosion resistance, stainless steel tube like one or two kinds of tableware, kitchenware, water heaters, drinking fountains, and some foreign businessmen on the product also do corrosion resistance test: with NaCl aqueous solution heated to boiling, after a period of time after the solution, wash dry, said weight loss, To determine the degree of corrosion (note: When the product is polished, the surface rust is caused by the presence of FE in Emery cloth or sandpaper)

Polishing Performance (BQ): Stainless steel products in the production of generally polished this process, only a few products such as water heaters, water dispensers and so do not need polishing. So this requires that the raw material polishing performance is very good.

The factors affecting the polishing performance are as follows: ① raw material surface defects. such as scratching, pitting, pickling, etc. ② stainless steel tube raw material material problem. Hardness is too low, polishing is not easy to throw bright (BQ), and the hardness is too low, in the deep stretch surface prone to orange peel phenomenon, thus affecting BQ. The BQ performance of high hardness is relatively good. ③ after the deep stretching of the product, the deformation of the area of a large surface will also be small black spots and ridging, thus affecting the BQ performance.