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The basic requirements for the design of the ERW welded pipe roller hole type
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The ERW welded pipe roller hole type is formed on a pair of (or more) rolls machined out of the groove. The steel strip is shaped into a tubular shape through a series of continuous deformation through the deformation of the hole type. For this series of hole shape and size selection, calculation and determination, and finally drawn into the roll diagram of the whole process called the hole-type design. The basic requirements for the design of the welded pipe rolls are as follows: 

(1) The whole deformation process is completed with the minimum pass (i.e. the shortest deformation length); 

(2) when forming the edge extension as small as possible, do not produce drum and fold, 

(3) The edge of the full deformation of the tube to the seam is not a sharp-nosed shape; 

(4) Steel strip in hole Forming stability in the mold.

(5) Uniform deformation, roll wear small and uniform.

(6) Energy consumption is small.

(7) to ensure that the size and surface quality of welded pipe meet the standard requirements.

(8) Roll processing is convenient, easy to manufacture, hole design can be combined with the addition of processing.

(9) Hole design with standardization and standardization of Special 

 Point, can be suitable for the same type of units of the same specifications of products.

(10) can use electronic computer for auxiliary design (CAD).