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Continuous rolling process of seamless steel tube
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The continuous rolling process of seamless tube is used to prolong rolling and sizing of steel tubes. Steel pipe continuous rolling is a process of steel pipe and mandrel moving in multiple racks, and the deformation and movement of steel tubes are simultaneously influenced by rolls and mandrel. The mandrel can be freely floating, that is, all metal-driven forward movement, or can be limited, that is to give the mandrel a movement speed, limit its free movement.

  In the course of the movement, the mandrel, roll and steel pipe are connected as a whole, and the change of any one of the links will cause the change of the whole system state, and the theory of continuous rolling is the theory of studying the interrelation between them.

  Kinematic phenomena of steel tube continuous rolling

  1, kinematics phenomenon

  2, slip phenomenon

  3, tension coefficient

  Analysis of the moving state of continuous rolling tube

  1. The displacement relation between the rolling piece and the Mandrel

  2. Rack and its determination

  3. Intermittent rolling analysis

  4. Motion characteristics of single rolling mandrel

  Deformation and stress in steel tube continuous rolling

  1. Stress analysis of continuous rolling pipe tube 2. Lateral wall deformation and stress analysis