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Steel Pipe Billet Centering
- Dec 04, 2018 -

There are two kinds of pipe billet centering methods, cold centering and thermal centering. 

The cold centering is Lending with lathe Drilling, the advantage is that the centering hole is not eccentric, the disadvantage is low efficiency, and to consume metal; 

Thermal centering is the front end of the punch pressed into the tube billet, which adapts to the head and nose of the punching machine after heating, and its advantages and disadvantages are exactly the opposite of the Lending heart. 

The general cold centering method is applied to high alloy steel tube billet, while the carbon steel and alloy steel tube billet adopts thermal centering. 

 The cold centering of the tube billet is to cut the tube billet according to the specified size, and make the funnel-shaped holes with a certain size along the axis of the Tube billet in the center position of the front end of the tube billet. 

 The purpose of tube billet centering is as follows. 

  (1) so that the tube billet in the bite of the moment head can be accurately aligned to the center of the Tube billet, to avoid perforation after the wall thickness is uneven, but also to make the bite process stable. 

 ( 2) Increase the contact area between the tube billet and the punching machine roll before the head is in contact with the tube billet, thus improving the two bite conditions. 

  (3) Reduce the impact of the contact between the Tube billet and the head during the perforation process, reduce the wear of the head and nose, and prolong the service life of the head. 

  The eccentricity of the centering hole is allowed to be within a range of approximately 2~3 mm in the center of the Tube billet. Practice has proved that: not all cases need to pipe billet centering, the production of general steel small diameter thin-walled steel pipe can be indeterminate, such as pipe diameter 80~90 mm, wall thickness <5mm of the general carbon steel pipe.