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Step-type reheating furnace
- Jan 09, 2018 -

The difference between the step-type reheating furnace and the general continuous reheating furnace is that the hearth is composed of movable beam and fixed beam. The movement of the Tube billet in the furnace depends on the periodic rise of the activity Liang (hold the Tube blank), forward (the Tube billet forward for a distance), fall (Put the tube billet on the fixed beam) and back (movable beam reset, prepare the next work cycle) action to achieve. The movable beam can send 1 tube blanks from the steel outlet 1 times per action.

The advantages of the step-type furnace are the same as that of the annular furnace, and the uniformity of the heating is better than that of the annular furnace. However, because of the complexity of the mechanical equipment of the stepping furnace, part of the movable beam and fixed beam components are working at high temperature for a long time, it must be made of expensive high-temperature heat-resisting material, so it is used to reheat the steel pipe and to replace the oblique-bottom continuous reheating furnace when the rolling pipe unit