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Test of impact toughness of steel tubes
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Impact toughness of steel tube is to reflect the resistance of steel pipe to external impact load, generally by impact toughness value (AK) and impact work (AK), the units are j/cm2 and J (Joule) respectively. 

Impact toughness or impact work test, due to different test temperature is divided into room temperature, low temperature and high temperature impact test three, if the sample notch shape can be divided into the "v" shape Gap and the "u" notch impact test two types. 

Impact test: A certain size and shape (10x10x55mm) of the specimen (the length of the middle of the direction of the "u" or "v" type notch, notch depth of 2mm) on the test machine under the impact of the shock load under the break from the notch of the experiment. A, the impact absorption work akv (U) has a certain size and shape of the metal pattern, under the impact of the shock load of the absorption of work. The unit is Joule (J) or kgf. 

M. B, Impact toughness Value AKV (u) impact absorption work divided by the sample notch at the bottom of the cross-sectional area of the quotient. The unit is Joule/CM 2 (j/cm2) or kg force. M/cm 2 (KGF.


The temperature of impact test is 20±50c at ambient temperature, the temperature range of low temperature impact test is <15~-1920c, and the temperature range of high temperature impact test is 35~10000c. The cooling medium used in the low-temperature impact test is generally non-toxic, safe, non-corrosive and not solidified in the test temperature of the liquid or gas. such as anhydrous ethanol (alcohol), solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) or liquid nitrogen atomization gas (liquid nitrogen).