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Ultrasonic testing method of pressure vessel seamless steel tube
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Ultrasonic testing method of high pressure seamless steel tube 

1, Steel pipe testing is mainly aimed at longitudinal defects.

Transverse defects can be detected in accordance with Appendix J (supplemental), by negotiation between the supply and demand parties.

2, Using the shear wave pulse reflection method to the steel pipe for circumferential rotation and axial movement of the state, can be selected according to the pipe size liquid immersion method or contact method detection; 

3, The detection of longitudinal defects in the ultrasonic beam should be the cross-section of the Central line of steel tube oblique incidence, in the pipe wall along the circumferential zigzag propagation.

When the transverse defect is detected, the ultrasonic beam should have a zigzag propagation along the axial tilt incidence.

4, The probe relative to the spiral pipe screw feed should ensure that the ultrasonic beam to the steel tube for 100% scan, and there is no less than 15% coverage.

5, Automatic detection should ensure dynamic sensitivity, and the maximum reflection amplitude of internal and external groove is not more than 2dB. 6. Each pipe should be picked up at each end of the pipe in the opposite direction.