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The advantages of the cycle tube rolling machine
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The periodic rolling mill is a continuous sectional longitudinal rolling process, which is equivalent to the deformation of several racks of continuous rolling mill on 1 racks.
  When changing the specifications, only 1 pairs of rollers are needed instead of many pairs of rollers, the production organization is very flexible.
The main advantages of the cycle-type pipe mill are:

 (1) The amount of deformation is large. Due to the combination of forging and rolling, the amount of deformation is large, the reduction of the cycle rolling machine can reach up to three mm. Seamless steel tubes can be rolled directly by ingot. In the continuous casting technology is relatively backward, can not even cast round billet of the era, it is not possible to build open billet units, and save investment and low cost.
But today, because the quality of continuous casting round billet can meet the requirements of rolling pipe, this advantage has ceased to exist.

(2) large elongation rate.
Elongation coefficient up to 10~20, microstructure, performance uniformity, can be rolled some high-demand steel pipe.

 (3) Wide range of rolled steel grades. The traditional periodic rolling mill has a wide range of rolling steel grades due to the use of hydraulic perforation + cycle rolling process, and some steel grades which are not suitable for oblique rolling perforation can be rolled.
At present, the water pressure perforation process is generally canceled, and the centrifugal casting billet is used for direct rolling of such varieties.

(4) wide range of wall thickness variation.
Maximum wall thickness of up to more than a few mm.

(5) It can produce the special shape seamless steel tube.
such as the inner circle of the square drill pipe, variable diameter tube, ladder-shaped pipe and so on.

 (6) The length of the pipe is longer.
The length of the pipe is up to 35meters.