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The steel welded pipe derusting process
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The derusting rate of steel pipe depends on the type of abrasive and the displacement of abrasive, that is, the total kinetic energy of the abrasive applied to the steel pipe and the kinetic energy E1 of the single particle abrasive.

Type: m--Abrasive spray (throw) quantity;

v--abrasive running speed;

m1--the quality of single particle abrasive.

The size of M is related to the abrasive crushing rate, and the crushing rate of welded pipe products directly affects the cost of surface treatment operations and the cost of descaling equipment. When the device is fixed, M is constant, Y is constant, so e is also a constant, but because the abrasive is broken, the M1 change, so it is generally necessary to choose the abrasive with lower loss rate, which is helpful to improve the cleaning speed and long blade life.