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The use of various steel plates
- Nov 04, 2017 -

1. 45# steel plate, used to make steam turbine, compressor, pump moving parts, can also replace carburized steel manufacturing gears, shafts, piston pins and other parts (parts need to be high frequency or flame surface quenching) and can be used as castings. 

2. Q235 plate, moderate carbon, good comprehensive performance, strength, plasticity and welding properties are well matched, the most widely used. Often rolled into wire rods or round bars, steel, flat steel, angle steel, I-beam, trough steel, window frame steel and other sections, medium-thick steel plate. Extensive use of construction and engineering structures. Used to make steel or construction plant Fang, high-voltage transmission towers, bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, ships, etc., but also a large number of performance requirements are not too high mechanical parts. C, D-Class steel can also be used for certain professional use of steel. 

3. Q345, Q390 steel plate, comprehensive mechanical properties, welding performance, hot and cold processing performance and corrosion resistance are good, C, D, E-Class steel has good low-temperature toughness. Mainly used for ship, boiler, pressure vessel, oil storage tank, bridge, power station equipment, hoisting and transporting machinery and other high load welding structural parts. 

4. Spring steel is used for the manufacture of springs or other elastic elements, according to the composition of carbon spring steel and alloy elastic steel .

5. Carbon tool steel referred to as carbon steel, its cold, hot processing performance, wear-resistant performance, low price, in the tool steel is widely used in steels. 

6. High-speed tool steel referred to as steel or high-speed steel, commonly known as "Feng Steel" or "wind steel" is a high carbon high alloy tool steel for high-speed cutting, its outstanding features are high thermal rigidity.