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TMCP technical connotation and process equipment
- Aug 08, 2018 -

TMCP technical connotation and process equipment

Control rolling and control cooling technology, named as TMCP, is one of the greatest achievements of steel industry in the 20th century, and is the key and common technology for the development of steel industry.

The core of TMCP is grain refinement and fine grain enhancement.

The so-called controlled rolling is the control of the austenite hardening state, and the basic means of obtaining the hardened austenite are "low temperature and large pressure" and the addition of micro-alloying elements.

The core idea of control cooling is to control the phase transition process of hardened austenite to further refine the ferrite grains and to obtain the bainite reinforced phase by cooling control phase change, and further improve the material performance. The use of "low temperature and large pressure", and people have long been formed by the "hot" concept of the opposite. It must be limited by the equipment capacity, and the operation of the problem is naturally unavoidable. The addition of NB and other micro-alloying elements can significantly improve the recrystallization temperature of steel and enlarge the recrystallization zone, which greatly strengthens the hardening state of the rolled austenite. The addition of the micro-alloy and alloying elements, but also often in the form of carbon nitride precipitation, the material to carry out precipitation enhancement, thereby contributing to the improvement of material strength.

However, the addition of micro alloys and alloying elements will increase the carbon equivalent of the material, which will worsen the welding performance of the material and increase the cost is self-evident. The traditional TMCP has its limitations. Today, humankind faces the major issue of sustainable development, it is necessary to think seriously about TMCP technology, break through the limitation of traditional TMCP, develop new TMCP theories, means and methods, play more effective roles of various means such as solid solution strengthening, fine grain strengthening, phase transformation strengthening and precipitation strengthening, and strengthen the regulation of material microstructure and properties. To realize the high efficiency, reduction, advanced and intensification of the rolling process, fully tap the potential of steel materials and promote the sustainable development of iron and steel industry.