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The method of Tube Billet Centering
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The centering method of tube billet has two kinds of cold centering and hot centering. 

The cold centering is Lending with lathe Drilling, the advantage is that centering hole is not eccentric, the disadvantage is low efficiency, and to consume metal; Hot centering is the front end of the tube billet pressed into the pipe blank after heating the tube, and its advantages and disadvantages are just the opposite of the Lending heart. 

The general cold centering method is applied to the high alloy steel tube billet, while the carbon steel and the alloy steel tube billet adopt the heat centering. 

Tube Billet cold centering is to cut the tube billet according to the specified size, in the front of the center of the Tube billet in the direction of the Tube billet to be produced with a certain size of the funnel-shaped cavities. 

The purpose of tube billet centering is as follows. 

(1) The tube billet in the bite of the instant head can accurately align to the center of the tube, to avoid perforation after the thickness of the thick wall uneven, but also the bite into the process of stability. 

(2) Increase the contact area between the head and the Tube billet before contacting with the mill roll, and improve the biting condition two times. 

(3) Reduce the impact of the Tube billet and the head contact moment in the perforation process, reduce the wear of the head nose and prolong the service life of the head. 

The eccentricity of the centering hole is allowed in the range of approximately 2~3 mm from the Tube Billet center.

Practice has proved: not all cases require tube billet centering, the production of general steel small diameter thin-walled steel pipe can be indefinite heart, such as pipe diameter 80~90 mm, wall thickness <5mm general carbon steel pipe.