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Tube Billet Heating Quality and Control
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Tube Billet Heating quality requirements:

(1)The heating should be based on rolling conditions, at any time to adjust the heating temperature of the tube billet.Require the tube billet along the cross-section and length of heating uniform, temperature difference ≤10℃, prevent overheating, over burning.

(2) Strictly according to heating system for heating. In normal production, the uniform heat should maintain a weak reduction flame.

(3) shall be heated according to the heating speed required by the heating system.For the temperature-sensitive steel grades (such as stainless steel, high alloy steels, etc.), should pay attention to control the temperature of the charging, to ensure low-temperature into the furnace (preheating section temperature less than 700 ℃). 

Tube Billet heating temperature control:

Based on the development of control technology, the industrial heating furnace in modern large production is usually controlled by microcomputer. In the process of using microcomputer to control heating, the air-fuel ratio of gas and air should be rationally adjusted according to the calorific value of gas, and the gas and air flow in each section of the heating furnace should be controlled automatically. According to the provisions of the computer set each section of temperature, when a certain temperature is lower than the set temperature, the microcomputer will be through the actuator, increase gas and air flow regulating valve angle, so that the gas volume and air volume corresponding increase, so that the temperature of the section rise. Conversely, when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the microcomputer through the actuator to reduce gas and air flow valve angle, in order to reduce the amount of gas and air supply in the section, the temperature in the furnace is correspondingly lower. 

In this way, the actual temperature in the furnace keeps track of the set temperature and achieves the heating temperature of the billet required for production. When the furnace is working normally, the burner and the flue gate can be controlled by a microcomputer to keep the normal pressure of the 9.8~14.7 pa in the furnace, at this time the Heat section, the furnace door slightly and the flames emerge. Furnace pressure shall not exceed the 24.5 pa and lower than 2.94 PA, if this must adjust the flue gate, reasonable regulation of the burning amount of each section.