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Industrial Production Of Welding Materials For LNG Vessels And Storage Tanks In Pangang Group
- Jan 15, 2019 -

With the company's multi-batch delivery of various grades of LNG ships and storage tanks with 9NI steel plate nickel alloy welding materials, the company's product sequence added a star product, marking China's construction of LNG storage tank welding materials completely dependent on imports of the situation will be broken.

Although the construction of LNG tanks/marine 9Ni Steel has been fully realized domestically, but the domestic 9Ni steel, LNG storage tank welding materials rely entirely on imports. In order to break this situation, in December 2015, the National Institute of Iron and Steel Research and Angang group jointly carried out the LNG with 9Ni steel welding materials and welding technology project development. After more than 1 years of technical research, the material R & D success.