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Angang Group Exclusively Supply Steels To The Sixth Generation Of Deep Water Semi-submersible Drilling Platform Ocean Oil 982
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Recently, China's own investment in the construction of the sixth generation of deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform, "Marine oil 982" officially out of the water.

It is a matter of pride that all the steel used in this "great power weight" is supplied exclusively by Angang.

Large deepwater equipment is a strategic tool to promote the realization of "ocean power". In recent years, Angang actively practiced the deepwater strategy, built a group of world-class high-end deepwater equipment, developed a large number of industry-class technical achievements.

 "Ocean oil 982" drilling platform,length is 104.5 meters, width is 70.5 meters, high is 37.55 meters, deck variable load 5000 tons, the maximum operating depth of 1500 meters, the largest drilling depth of 9144 meters, in accordance with the highest international standards to meet the international marine drilling of the latest regulatory requirements. 

The team rapid action, advanced intervention with the user to develop a supply plan, and the special requirements of the platform for the steel plate, the establishment of a separate product agreement and quality control program, and continuously optimize and upgrade the production process of steel plate to ensure that the performance indicators to reach the industry advanced level. In the meantime, research and Development production unit whole process linkage, using high precision clean steel smelting technology, high homogeneous and no defect continuous casting slab production technology, slab heating grain control, TMCP organization control and other key technologies, overcome a lot of technical problems, especially the lightweight and other personalized needs, the ultimate realization of overweight than the user requirements standard lower of 40%.