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Angang Group Successfully Trial Produce Of 810 Mm Oversized Cross-section D2 Bar
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Recently, Angang Group for the first time successfully trial produce of 810 mm oversized cross-section D2 bar. After inspection, the product quality is good. 
D2 bar belongs to high carbon martensite steel, the alloy content is high, if the parameter control is not proper, there will be serious segregation, poor plasticity and so on. In order to solve the problem of segregation and cracking of large cross-section D2 bar, the selected return material and alloy material were smelted, and the quality steel ingot with high purity was manufactured in the smelting process by strictly improving the purity of molten steel and optimizing the pouring temperature. In the forging link, the professionals on the basis of technical research, determine the best insulation time, final forging temperature and forging methods, strictly control the forging deformation of each channel, to ensure the appearance of forged bar and flaw detection quality.