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Angang Group Successfully Rolled First Ultra Specification Weathering Resistant Steel
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Recently, Angang group second refinery mill 1780 hot casting production line successfully roll the first 1.5 mm wallthickness limit specification weathering resistant steel sheet Q235GNH. After testing, product size accuracy, surface quality and property are satisfied relevant standards.

It is reported that ultra specification weathering resistant steel sheet rolling is required high final rolling temperature and high rolling speed, head and tail plate form control is extremely difficult, prone to the occurrence of tail-end rolling and steel heap accident. At the same time, the limit specification steel to the rolling temperature request is higher, because the Q235GNH belongs to weathering resistant steel, the endothermic performance is inferior to other steel grades, is difficult to heat, very easy to appear slab heats up, the heart temperature is not high condition.

In order to ensure the success of the rolling process, the second refining mill of Angang starts from the source, rationally distributes and determines the temperature control range of the billet in the heating furnace and ensures the heating quality. During the rolling process, the technical personnel of Angang second refining mill make sure that the wedge on both sides of the frame is consistent, effectively eliminating the occurrence of running deviation and rolling and so on, strict post operation specification, quick response and timely adjustment, provide support for production stability and performance standards.