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Angang Steel Group Is awarded of Steel For Ultra Wide And Extra Thick Nuclear Island Equipment
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Recently Anshan Steel Group is successfully awarded of Shanghai Electric Ultra-wide special thick nuclear power island equipment, the supply of more than 300 tons of steel for nuclear power project.

Based on the 5500 mm mill and professional heat treatment furnace equipment of the thick board of steel plate,Anshan Iron and Steel project team do series of experiments, to overcome the difficulties in the production processes such as ultra wide and thick steel plate rolling and heat treatment, Finally, it successfully developed steel sa-516gr.70 for nuclear power Island equipment which is more than 60 mm thick and more than 4900 mm wide.

In the process of research and development, Anshan Iron and steel project team of nuclear power has not only solved the low qualification rate of the special thick steel plate flaw, unstable mechanical properties, uneven and other technical problems, but also to ascertain the hot treatment process on the ultra wide plate shape influence law.

The delivery of finished steel products is up to 80 mm thickness, the width is up to 4975 mm, detection level reach to Nb/t47013.3ⅱ level.