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Angang Steel Successfully Produce Of A Special Coating Electrical Steel
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Recently, Angang steel Group self-adhesive coated electrical steel trial produced successfully, its surface beauty uniformity to reach the leading level of the same industry. It is understood that the special coating of electrical steel generally refers to self-bonding coating and American Standard C6 coating. Self-adhesive coating is a high-end product of silicon steel coating varieties, with high insulation strength, good corrosion resistance, good punching, high bonding strength, the market prospects are broad.

In order to realize the full coverage of silicon steel coating varieties, Angang uses cold-rolled color coating line equipment to produce special coated silicon steel. From the scheme to the organization process test, the technical personnel carefully adjust the setting process temperature and coating thickness of two key indicators, the successful realization of technological breakthroughs, Angang has thus become one of the few manufacturers that can provide self-adhesive coating products.