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Baosteel Takes The Lead In The Production Technology Of The Largest Diameter, The Thickest Pipe Wall And The Highest Steel Grade Pipeline Steel
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Recently, the Heihe to changling natural gas pipeline project Nemor He section successfully completed.

Baosteel's new high strength steel pipeline steel has withstood the test of complex and harsh geology and environment, marking Baosteel as the first steel company to master the world's largest diameter, pipe wall thickness, steel-grade top pipeline steel production technology, and successfully achieve mass supply and practical application. The natural gas pipeline project of Heihe to Changling section is located at the northernmost end of China, the geological conditions are complex, the construction period is short and the construction environment is extremely bad.

The project is also the first in China to adopt 1422 mm oversized, X80 high steel, 12 MPa high pressure grade steel pipe of the world's largest single tube of long-distance gas transmission pipeline project. In view of the related engineering supply requirements of PetroChina, Baosteel team increased synergy and Evi early intervention to design the overall supply service solution for the project. Production and marketing research team around the project requirements, to overcome technical problems, so that special specifications of pipeline steel in extreme weather conditions withstood a lot of tests. Baosteel for the project successfully developed the "three most" pipeline steel products, low-temperature welding, impact performance and other indicators all meet the requirements of owners, become the only one through the expert assessment, all product performance indicators are in line with the construction program requirements of the supplier.