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Boiling Steel Plate And Sedative Steel Plate
- Nov 04, 2017 -

1. The boiling steel plate is a steel plate made from the ordinary carbon structural steel boiling hot-rolled steels. Boiling steel is a kind of deoxidation incomplete steel, only with a quantitative weak deoxidation agent on the molten steel deoxidation, steel liquid oxygen content is higher, when the molten steel injection ingot mold, carbon and oxygen reaction to produce a large number of gases, resulting in molten steel boiling, boiling steel hence named. The carbon content of boiling steel is low, the silicon content in steel is also low due to the use of no Ferrosilicon deoxidation (si<0.7%). The outer layer of the boiling steel is crystallized under the condition that the molten steel is stirred violently by boiling. So the surface is pure, dense, good surface quality, there is a good plastic and stamping performance, there is no large concentration of shrinkage, less cutting, high yield, and boiling steel production process is simple, ferroalloy consumption less, steel cost is low. Boiling steel plate is used to make various stamping parts, construction and engineering structures and some less important parts of machine structure. However, the impurities in the heart of boiling steel are more, the segregation is serious, the microstructure is not dense and the mechanical properties are uneven. At the same time, because of the high gas content in steel, the toughness is low, the cold brittle and aging sensitivity is larger, and the welding performance is poor. Therefore, the boiling plate is not suitable for the manufacture of the welding structure and other important structures under the impact load, working under low temperature conditions.

2. The sedative steel plate is a steel plate made of a hot-rolled carbon-structural steel. Calm steel is deoxidation complete steel, molten steel before pouring with ferromanganese, ferrosilicon and aluminum, such as full deoxidation, steel liquid oxygen content is low (generally 0.002-0.003%), molten steel in the ingot mold is calmer, do not produce boiling phenomenon, the calm steel is named. Under normal operating conditions, there are no bubbles in the calm steel, and the microstructure is homogeneous and dense, because the oxygen content is low, the oxide inclusions in the steel are less, the purity is higher, the cold embrittlement and the aging tendency are small, and the sedative steels are relatively small, the performance is more homogeneous and the quality is The drawback of calm steel is that there are concentrated shrinkage, low yield and high price. Therefore, the sedative steel is mainly used to withstand the impact of low temperature components, welding structure and other requirements of higher strength of the components.

Low-alloy steel plates are both calm steel and semi-sedative plate. Because of high strength, superior performance, can save a lot of steel, reduce the weight of the structure, its application has become more and more extensive.