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China PG5 Rail Enters Canadian Market For The First Time
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Recently, Pangang group export to Canada's first batch of PG5 online heat treatment rails, which marks the fifth generation of Pangang rail in the international market expansion has taken a solid step.

Canadian customers order PG5 rails and plan to try out road conditions on harsh lines. The customer also took the initiative to invite Pangang experts to Canada to carry out welding technology research with its scientific researchers.
  PG5 Rail is once again laid in the United States TTCI Rail Testing Center with several other international renowned rail production enterprises of high-strength rail under the same transport conditions synchronous testing, to show the world the level of China's rail research and product quality. PG5 Rail is designed to meet the needs of large axle weight, large density, high volume heavy load railway construction at home and abroad, is a high-quality high-strength pearlite rail. Since the application of the trial shop in the 2012, the product has demonstrated excellent wear resistance and the reliability of rail service life, and also achieved the goal of long-haul railway rail longevity, low maintenance applications.