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June 2018 China Exports 6.944 Million Tons Of Steel Products
- Jul 31, 2018 -

June 2018 China's export of steel 6.944 million tons, growth of 0.9% on a month-on-monthgrowth of 2%   compared with the same period of last year; January-June China's cumulative export of steel 35.426 million tons, the year-on-year decline of 13.2%; June China's imports of steel 1.04 million tons, the chain down 8.3%, the year-on-year decline of 8% 

January-June China's cumulative imports of steel 6.67 million tons, down 1.9% year-on-year. 

June China imported iron ore and its concentrate 8,324 200,000 tons, the chain down 11.6%, year-on-year decline of 12.1%; January-June China's accumulated imports of iron ore and concentrate 53,069 tons, down 30,000. June China exported coke and half Coke 958,000 tons, an increase of 36.9%, January-June China's export of coke and half coke 4.793 million tons, an increase of 16.9%.