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Density Below 7.0g/cm3! High Strength And Toughness Low Density Steel Developed By Xing-Cheng Special Steel Company
- Dec 26, 2017 -

It is understood that, in view of the energy shortage and high safety requirements, the high-strength toughness and low density of steel materials become the international research and development hotspot. However, it is an international problem to realize the industrialized preparation of high-strength and high toughness low density steel. Hing-CHENG Special Steel Joint Research group has conducted a variety of studies and tackling, has solved the material structure, heat treatment, production technology and other technical problems, the production of high-strength high tenacity low density steel density less than 7.0g/cm3, lower than the density of conventional steel 10%~15%, at the same time with good strong toughness, its strength, Compared with the stiffness can be comparable to titanium alloy, integrated manufacturing costs only with ordinary stainless steel equivalent. The high strength and toughness low density steel has wide application prospect in the aspects of vehicle, ship, aerospace and military field, such as lightweight and safe service.