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Extra-long And Thin-wallthickness Alloy Tube Successfully Produced By Baosteel Group
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Recently extra-long thin-wallthickness SHBG-2 alloy pipe used to tower-type molten salt thermal power project successfully produced by Baosteel Group and delivered to Beijing Ai Qiwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. The tube will be applied to the first batch of national demonstration projects 100MW molten salt tower power Plant "heat receiver" fabrication, which means that Baosteel has made a landmark breakthrough on nickel-based alloy thin-wallthickness tube production.

Molten salt tower thermal power generation is a kind of solar heat utilization, its thermal system is the "heart" of Tower power station, and the absorber is one of the important parts in the thermal system, so it is usually used to manufacture the heat absorber by using the super long thin wall NI base alloy pipe in the service. This material must endure the high temperature molten salt corrosion and the temperature abrupt change to bring the hot and cold fatigue test for a long time, its performance and the quality is the heat absorber normal operation key.