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Hebei Province (China) Will Continue To Reduce Steel Production Capacity Of 40 Million Tons
- Jul 19, 2018 -

From the Hebei provincial government information, in the next 3 years, Hebei Province will continue to unswervingly promote to capacity work to the implementation of "432511" project, that is, pressure and reduce the withdrawal of steel production capacity 40 million tons, 30 million tons of coal, flat glass 23 million weight box, cement 5 million tons, coke 10 million tons, thermal power 1.5 Million-kilowatt.

Among them, this year, respectively, the reduction of steel 12 million tons, coal 12.17 million tons, flat glass 8 million weight box, 3 million tons of cement, coke 5 million tons, thermal power 500,000-kilowatt, this year's task will be completed by the end of November.