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Hebei Steel Group 5Ni Steel Passed 6 Classification Society Certification
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Recently, Hebei Steel Group research and development of new products 5Ni Steel is passed the China, the United States, Italy and other 6 classification society certification. This is followed by 3.5Ni Steel, 9Ni steel in the nickel series after another breakthrough, for the national strategy with ultra-low temperature container market low-temperature scrubber, natural gas storage tanks, ethylene storage tanks and other high-level storage tanks with domestic steel to take a solid step.

5Ni Steel is an important variety of nickel steel, with ultra-high low-temperature impact performance, is widely used in the manufacture of transport and storage of liquefied natural gas, ethylene and other storage tank devices. The development and production of 5NI steel plate surface quality and product performance requirements are very strict, do not allow any defects and flaws. To ensure the surface quality of steel plate, plate type, performance indicators in line with product requirements, Hebei Steel to produce "works of art" production concept into the production of 5Ni steel rolling, heat treatment, from rolling, stacking, heat treatment and other processes, the implementation of the entire quality tracking, each process by the person to carry out strict quality inspection and detailed records, Ensure the precise operation of each link.