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Hebei Steel Group Export Cold Rolling Steel Sheet Has Exceeded 1 Million Tons
- Dec 18, 2017 -

In the first 10 months of this year, the steel cold rolled sheet factory of Hebei Steel Group has exported steel sheet 1.0083 million tons, accounting for 46.8% of the total volume.Export products mainly galvanized and retreating products, accounting for 72.3% and 20.9% respectively.

Since the beginning of this year, facing the great pressure of the international market, Hebei steel group related departments closely cooperate, adhere to the user-oriented, vigorously develop overseas markets, and actively create internationally renowned boutique brands, strengthen the deep cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises, and constantly improve the global sales network, expand market space.

In production, the factory adhere to the principle of quality first, all-round to create product quality advantages. According to the quality requirements of the users, the factory starts with the first process of acid rolling, strictly controls the surface quality of the products, eliminates the surface oil and black spots, and lays a good foundation for the next process. The factory related production line technicians adhere to the production line, master all the details of the manufacturing process, and in the production rhythm, product quality fluctuations in the rapid response, take the necessary measures to ensure the production stability of the product. At the same time, the factory also strengthen the management of process discipline, to ensure that operators strictly according to the technical procedures and management system operations, and constantly strengthen equipment management, strict implementation of standardized operation and point verification system, the key equipment on a regular basis to monitor the status and fault diagnosis, timely detection of equipment hidden trouble, Provide reliable basis for equipment maintenance and repair, improve equipment support capability. Source: China Metallurgical News