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Hebei Steel Group To Make High-level Automotive Box Steel
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Recently, Hebei Steel Company successfully produced 2400 tons box steel 700XT in Han Bao hot rolling mill, all off the line, The steel product surface quality and physical properties all meet user requirements and the steel products have been sent to the user.

700XT Box steel is one kind of high strength automobile steel which adapts to the automobile lightweight development request, the specification thickness only 2.5 millimeters, the yield strength, the tensile strength reaches 700 MPa and 750 MPa. it mainly uses in the processing truck box. 

In the production organization from the technical reserve, design of molten steel components, strict cost control,to strengthen NB, TI and Mn three main alloy consumption and accurate ratio and in the process of production, Han Bao hot rolling plant technicians give full play to the advantages of equipment, the development of reasonable technological route, strengthen the process of operation, improve equipment operation monitoring, all guarantees the steel product performance.