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Heng Steel ARM Tube Products Into The Arctic Circle
- Feb 23, 2018 -

After the joint efforts of heng steel technology and marketing personnel, in early February, an important domestic strategic customer and Heng Steel signed more than 140 tons of high requirements of HSM770 and HSM890 arm tube contract. This batch of arm-tube products will be used in wheeled crane operated in the site ofthe Arctic Circle.

In recent years, Heng Steel set up the project team, for the arm-tube products in-depth basic research and analysis, successfully developed a large-diameter and thick-walled HSM890 arm tube and HSM960 arm tube.

In early January, when understood the special requirements on the low temperature environment of the arm frame pipe, Heng Steel Technical personnel immediately and the opposite party personnel docking, the overall introduction company ARM tube product performance data, and for low temperature use environment to help customers analyze and formulate product technical requirements. Through many communication, Heng Steel successfully completed the batch of technical and commercial negotiations, the tube products will help customers "march" the Arctic Circle.