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Hengyang Valin Realize Mass Production Of Hot Rolled Seamless Axle Square Tube
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Recently, Valin Steel first batch of high-strength axle square tube into the warehouse, after customer inspection, fully meet the requirements. Valin Steel captures the development trend of lightweight vehicles and jointly develops high-strength axle square tubes with higher-end customers. According to Valin Steel technical personnel, the seamless square tube has been produced by hot rolling process. The high-strength axle square tube in the world only Valin Heng Steel can be hot rolling production, R & D is extremely difficult, not only requires a higher strength and toughness, but also requires a high accuracy of the size. 

 ValinHeng Steel Technical department and production plant after unremitting research, the production of axle square tube not only has excellent strong toughness matching, low temperature toughness is also very good, and dimensional accuracy is good, successfully passed the customer's fatigue test evaluation. The products produced by Valin Heng Steel are mainly used in the manufacture of 13 tons of square tube axles. This high-strength axle square tube successfully developed and successfully passed the test evaluation, marking the axle pipe product series of Valin Heng Steel into the ranks of higher-end axle tubes, for the enterprise axle pipe products into the construction machinery industry high-end product market provides a strong guarantee.