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New Product Development Of Welding Wire Steel Has Remarkable Effect In Shagang Steel Group
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Since the beginning of this year, Shagang Steel Group research and development new of 5 welding wire steel products have accumulated sales of 8196 tons,to achieve sales revenue of more than 28 million yuan, sales and new product development number are a record high.

The new development of welding wire steel products (SWRY11-CR, sja2d, h10mn2e, etc.) end users cover bridges, construction machinery and petrochemical and other national key areas are more difficult to develop alloy welding wire steel. Among them, the Vietnamese customers order the SWRY11-CR electrode steel, the strength and elongation of the wire rod have put forward more stringent requirements, such as the request elongation rate is greater than 33%, and the same kind of wire steel elongation rate is generally 30%. Another example, sja2d for high titanium alloy wire steel, due to high titanium content easily cause water mouth nodulation and interruption of production, and the poor surface quality of the billet may lead to hot-rolled wire rod furnace return to waste. In addition, the customer also requested that the wire rod can be achieved without annealing drawing, so the strength and rod of the Wire rod is higher.

Through the technical difficulties of one by one, the bar line laboratory developed a rolling process, SWRY11-CR welding rod steel successively carried out 7 times of rolling process optimization, the final result of the structure of the steel has been significantly refined, tensile strength and elongation index have been greatly improved. Through the research and development of sja2d alloy welding wire steel, they formed a set of mature high titanium alloy wire steel production process, making the wire rod strength of 850 MPA, rod strength of 60 MPA, product indicators are up to customer requirements.