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Pangang Successfully Developed 500 MPA Seismic Reinforcement Bar.
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Recently, Angang Group successfully developed 500 MPA seismic reinforcement bar. and pass through the third party testing. that indicates all parameters meet GB/t 1499.2 requirements. They take full play of the key role of vanadium in steel bar as the gripper, deeply study the effect of vanadium on the comprehensive properties of steel bar, accurately optimize the proportion of vanadium and other alloy elements, specifically formulate the corresponding smelting and rolling process, to ensure that the HRB500e steel bar has the best comprehensive performance. For the HRB500E expansion certification, the project team only use 4 furnace steel to achieve the cover bar and wire all specifications of HRB500e steel bar successful development, not only save development costs, but to create a special high-quality seismic reinforced vanadium steel bar brand.