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Pangang Group Steel Rail Technology Obtained Russian Invention Patent Authorization
- Jan 09, 2018 -

The author learned from the Institute of Heavy Rail and Railway Steel Institute "high impact toughness of the steel rail and its production methods"recently obtained the Russian Invention patent authorization. This is the first time that steel rail production technology has been authorized by Russian invention patent.

As we all know, rail plays an important role in railway transportation, which relates to the safety and efficiency of railway transportation. In the process of improving the rail strength, the rail production enterprises should also ensure the toughness and plasticity of the rails. Especially in high altitude area, the toughness of rail has higher requirements. When the temperature drops to a certain temperature, the original toughness of the rail will lose its due toughness, become like a glass rod brittle and easy to break. Therefore, the steel rails used in the cold area must choose the high impact ductile rail which can adapt to the alpine climatic conditions.

To fully explore the international rail market, meet the needs of high impact ductile rail in Russia, Canada, North America and northern Europe and other alpine areas, in recent years, the scientific and technical personnel of the Institute of Heavy Rail have carried out a series of research on the rail production technology based on the existing equipment and technological conditions of Pangang, including smelting, heating, rolling and heat treatment The chemical constituents of high impact ductile rail and the whole process production process are put forward and applied to industrial production. The research of this technology has been approved by Russia, which provides a technical method for the subsequent export of high impact ductile rail in Pangang, and improves the market competitiveness of Pangang's export rail.