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Pangang Ultra-wide Ultra-thin D2 Flat Steel Supply To German Users
- Jun 12, 2018 -

May 21,2018 Pangang Group successfully rolled 6.4 mm x600 mm ultra-wide ultra-thin D2 die flat steel, become the domestic production of similar products leader.

This group of 67 tons of D2 flat steel users are a famous German steel suppliers. It is understood that this batch of products in addition to 6.4 mm to 72 mm specifications of the D2 flat steel, there are some O1 flat steel, DIN1.2067 steel.

According to the calculation, Pangang in May to the German customer delivery of various types of die flat steel breakthrough 110 tons, the German customers of Pangang die flat steel demand will continously increase. Since 2017, 2018 consecutive for a world-renowned mobile phone companies to provide shell mold materials, Pangang D2 series products by virtue of excellent product quality and shorter delivery time, by the German merchants attention and reached orders.