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Rust Removing Method Of Seamless Steel Pipe
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Steel refers to iron as the main element, carbon content generally under 2% and contains other elements of metal materials. The difference between it and iron is the content of carbon elements, it should be said that it is more tough and durable than iron, although not easy to rust, but will be eroded, if once eroded, not timely treatment, it is easy to be eroded and lost its original function.

When the seamless steel tubes rust, what are the usual treatment methods? Some people will be used to clean the stainless steel pipe cleaning, cleaning, should first use solvents, emulsions to clean the surface of the steel, this method is only as a anti-corrosion auxiliary means, can not really play the role of removing stainless steel pipe rust. We can also before cleaning with steel brush, wire ball and other tools will be loosened surface of the oxide skin, rust removal, but if it is not good protection measures, or will be eroded again.

Pickling is also one of the methods to remove rust traces. Generally using chemical and electrolytic methods to do pickling treatment, pipeline anti-corrosion only using chemical pickling, this method although can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness but easy to pollute the environment, it is not recommended.

The use of Jet derusting, through high-power motor driven jet blade high-speed rotation, so that steel sand, steel pill, wire section, minerals and other abrasives under the action of centrifugal force on the surface of stainless steel pipe spray treatment. Not only can completely remove rust, oxides and dirt, and steel pipe in the impact of abrasive and friction force, but also to achieve the required uniform roughness. Spray Derusting is an ideal rust-removing method in pipeline anticorrosion. The use of a lot of physical theory, environmental pollution is small, and clean thoroughly.