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SHA Steel Group Ultra-thin Strip Production Line Will Be Completed And Put Into Operation
- Mar 01, 2018 -

A few days ago, in SHA Steel Group Electric Furnace steelmaking workshop,agglomerating of cutting-edge technology industry The ultra-thin strip production line of the whole equipment has been installed, is being coordinated debugging and expected to be completed in 2018 in a quarter of production.

"Ultra-thin Belt Project" as the world's most advanced twin roll strip casting technology, is a direct casting, the use of liquid steel directly into our distribution system, and then the reverse rotation of the copper roll casting, Directly out of the product is 1.4-2.1mm sheet, and then through a rolling mill, the final product is 0.7-1.9mm sheet, hot coil. "SHA Steel Group Ultra-thin belt project director Zhou Dongxhe said."

The production line is a strategic cooperation project between SHA Steel Group and the largest steel company in the United States-Nucor Steel Corporation, which has invested heavily in Nucor Steel Company's exclusive right to use and product sales in China.